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Official Releasing worldwide Date: November 15, 2019
First look at Pokemon Sword and Shield’s title screen
Zamazenta Cosplay
Clay Galarian Ponyta
Interesting to note the "Steam" City has 2 Pokemon Centers which probably means this is a HUGE City (and by the looks of things multi-layered)
Pokemon Sword and Shield will require 10.3GB of space for digital download, to put this into perspective USUM required 3.6GB and Let's Go required 4.1GB making this the largest Pokemon game in terms of file size by a WIDE margin!
31 days for release

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[Megathread] Trade/Battle Hub – #PokemonSwordShield New Information Edition!
Which version of SwSh will you get? quick poll for the community
Finished a lvl100 living dex! Master trainers come next :)
35 Trades in! Extremely lucky! 😍
The Belle of the Ball
He just might be my latest fav.
Proud of this one wasn’t even full odds believe it was a 22 or 23 combo hopefully can use for competitive I think she’s good enough!

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r/smashbros & INKTOBER - A community art project!
Daily Discussion Thread 10/14/19
Does Anyone Else Like Faking Out Opponents By Bouncing on The Stage
Buff Lucario
Mew2King showing EpicGarbriel the strategy of big brothers bullying their little brother
Sakurai says he is interested in how Nairo and Abadongo play Palutena
Does anyone else already have Nostalgia for the build-up to Smash Bros. Ultimate?