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VGC Series 5 Open #5 (Single Elimination)

Game: Pokémon Sword / Shield
6 participants

Welcome to the 5th VGC Doubles Tournament since the new DLC!
Bring in all your friends and let's have some fun in this tournament!

In this tournament each player is allowed to choose 4 Pokémon of their choice while following the ruleset below.
The tournament is played in Best of Three (2 Wins to Win) / Single Elimination.


If we reach the goal of 16 checked in participants we will give away a USD 10$ eShop gift card


- As soon as the tournament starts please find your match in the tournament tree and click on it. 
- You will see a link code that has been generated for you by us. 
- Open the Y-Comm menu and press + to connect to the internet if you haven't done so already.
- Select \"Link Battle\" and enter the code for your match. As soon as the two competitors entered the code they will be loaded into a match against each other.
- Fight your battle and report back the result on your match page.
- If you won, wait for the next round to start and repeat the process until you lose a match or you win the tournament. 

VGC Series 5 Ruleset:

All tournaments must run over the appropriate Battle Stadium “Ranked Battle” ruleset 

 1. Battle Team Setup 
  • A player must designate a Battle Team and keep the Battle Team unchanged from the beginning to the end of the event.
  • Teams must have six Pokémon, depending on the event format.

2. Items
  • Each Pokémon may hold an item, though no two Pokémon may hold the same item. 
  • Players may only use items that can be obtained through regular gameplay 

3. Pokémon
  • A player’s team cannot contain two Pokémon with the same Galar Pokédex number 
  •  Pokémon must have either: 
    • The black Galar symbol on their summary screen to signify that they originated in the Galar region 
    •  The battle-ready symbol 
  •  Pokémon may make use of any move or Ability available to that Pokémon through normal gameplay. This includes: 
    •  Hidden Abilities, if available 
    •  Moves and Abilities passed via the Pokémon Nursery by a Pokémon brought in using Pokémon HOME 
    •  Moves and Abilities made available through an official Pokémon event or promotion 
  •  Pokémon above and below Lv. 50 are permitted but will be auto-leveled to Lv. 50 during battle 
  •  Players may use Pokémon with the following Pokédex numbers, provided they were caught or hatched in the game or were received at an official event or distribution. 
    •  Galar Pokédex numbers: #001–397 
    •  Isle of Armor Pokédex numbers: 
      •  #001–210 
    •  National Pokédex numbers: 
      •  #638–640 
      •  #722–730 
  • Allowed Gigantamax:
 o Alcremie 
o Appletun 
o Blastoise 
o Butterfree 
o Centiskorch 
o Charizard 
o Cinderace 
o Coalossal 
o Copperajah 
o Corviknight 
o Drednaw 
o Duraludon 
o Eevee 
o Flapple 
o Garbodor 
o Gengar 
o Grimmsnarl
o Hatterene 
o Inteleon 
o Kingler
o Lapras 
o Machamp 
o Meowth 
o Orbeetle 
o Pikachu 
o Rillaboom 
o Sandaconda 
o Snorlax 
o Toxtricity 
o Urshifu 
o Venusaur 

Starts at: 15 August 2020 - 8:00:00 pm CEST (+02:00)

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