New logo! New Design! Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Published on 30 August 2019 at 14:04:19

Hello Dear Community!

As you might have seen the design of the website changed quite a bit.
We have a new logo finally and it looks really amazing!

In addition to that we also updated the look of the website quite a bit. We now follow a more light approach and some slightly changed colours.

Also, as you might have noticed we created a first tournament for Pokemon Sword and Shield:
It's on the evening of the launch day and we are really looking forward to play and compete with all of you!
For sure not everyone will have his perfect team set up or even be able to play through the game at this point, but that's also a fun opportunity to see with which Pokemon other players have went through their journey.

Last but not least we also integrated an Elo Rating System onto the website. This rating is an indicator on how good you perform as a player.
Everyone starts with an Elo Rating of 1500 and will be awarded with points for each win they achieve. If you lose you will of course also lose some points. Right now the Elo Rating is just used as a first indicator of skill but in the future we will try to use this rating to schedule the tournaments in a much better way, so that it could be impossible that the Top 2 Players face off in the first round of a tournament.

If you have any feedback feel free to contact us on our discord server at:

Looking forward to hosting more tournaments in the future!