More tournaments, more prizes and more more

Published on 04 January 2019 at 09:39:13

Greetings everyone and first of all a happy new year to everyone!

We have some exciting news to share with you.

Starting from next Monday (January 7th 2019) we'll be increasing the frequency of all of our tournaments! LGPE, Smash, and ARMS will all have 2 tournaments each day, with the intent of giving all timezones a chance to participate.

In addition to the increased frequency, we are also rolling out a new incentive for participants and winners of all of our tournaments. For every tournament, excluding our Friday Night Deluxe tournaments, the winner will be able to choose the format/ruleset of the next week's tournament for that specific game/timeslot. We'll contact you and get all the details within 24 hours, and have it posted to the site immediately! Also, if you don't feel like coming up with anything, that's ok! We'll create one in your place.

Now, choosing the rules for a tournament, that's cool and all, but it also begets the question "So what?" Well, it goes hand-in-hand with our next incentive: A monthly voucher prize tournament! Over the course of the month, each Friday Night Deluxe will maintain consistent rules for each game/timeslot, in order to give participants plenty of practice for the last FND of the month, which will be our prize tournaments!

Each game in each timeslot will have a 5USD (or comparable value) Nintendo eShop voucher up for grabs! We would love to give more, and hope to in the future as this project grows and gains momentum, but this is an amount we can comfortably and reliably supply each month.

Also, for ANY AND ALL tournaments you participate in, your participation will be tracked for that game in that timeslot. Each time you submit a result on the tournament website, it will add to your monthly count. Then, at the first of each month, we will take the counts for each game in each timeslot, i.e. EU Smash, US ARMS, and enter each players count into a generator, which will choose a max of 6 players to choose the format/ruleset for that new month's Friday Night Deluxe for that game in that timeslot.

Participation matters!

Using this system, even if you never win a single round of anything, you still have 1 count per tournament to be able to influence the prize tournament to be something that you believe you are stronger in! And, of course, you have to show up to play, as only the actual results submitted manually are tracked, not just registration. And as you win more and more rounds, that's more submissions to add to your count!

For this month, we will be making the first round of regular tournaments from January 7 - January 13, as well as the Friday Night Deluxe formats for January.

We're SUPER excited to see this all unfold! It's our hope that this gives all of our participants more incentive to play when they can, be more involved as they want, and create a fun and fresh atmosphere that feels rewarding and fair!

PLEASE leave any thoughts or questions in our feedback channel in our Discord, as we want to hear everyone's opinions!

A deeply heartfelt thank you to everyone who participates, helps others in the server, spreads the word about this great project, and generally wishes to see it prosper!

Good luck to everyone in this coming month, and good games!


KaliberGareth and KiLLyA_