First tournaments finished, Random dominates them all!

Published on 26 November 2018 at 08:55:51

Hey there,

this weekend, the first 3 tournaments were held on

It all started off with a tournament for our Australian trainers, where 4 people participated. Random has beaten KiLLyA_ in the first semfinals game while Nando beat Zaviar in a really close match. So Nando and Random faced of in the finals where Random could earn his first tournament victory.

After a few hours of sleep and some bugfixing (matchmaking codes weren't really working) the EU Tournament finally started. Due to a last minute emergency one of the players couldn't make it, so we started with a total of 5 participants. While KiLLyA_ was lucky getting 2 free wins to make it to the finals, Random dominated the other games and made it to the finals as well. As seen already in the AUS tournament it was clear that Random would be able to beat KiLLyA_ once again in the finals. And so he was winning the second tournament as well.

So, 7 hours later the long awaited US tournament started. We were really looking forward to see what's happening there because most people (6) signed up for the US tournament. Even though there were some people missing in Round 1 which caused some default wins for people it got close in the Semi finals where Random was able to defeat blastakickerBK in a really close match, whereas broseph23 got a free win due to the amount of people that started in the tournament. It came down to a close match in the finals between broseph23 and RandomRandom was also able to win this game for him which makes him the 3 times opening tournament champion.

It was very nice to see everyone participating and battling it out. Everyone was super fair and friendly and we had some great time on the discord discussing future tournament rules line ups and good combos.

I'm already looking forward to the next tournaments which will happen this thursday (to be scheduled). 

There is also another tournament coming up this friday night (around 10 pm) where we will have our first price (Nintendo eShop card). If you are willing to sponsor such a price or something else feel free to contact me @KiLLyA_ on our discord server. Also feel free to invite as many people as you know to the upcoming tournaments, because it's always more fun to compete with more people.

Cheers and thanks for everything

And of course a big congrats to Random who won all of the 3 opening tournaments 🏆🏆🏆

KiLLyA_ from the switch-tournaments team