Alpha launched!

Published on 19 November 2018 at 19:16:29

Hello Everyone!

Today goes live with an early preview of the system.

Switch Tournaments will be a place where you can find regular Nintendo Switch Tournaments to battle and compete with players all over the world.

You can already register your account today and we will keep you posted with the latest updates.

We are planning to have a launch tournament in 2 weeks from now and then multiple tournaments in the week after.

For now it's planned to support the new Pokemon Let's Go games and Smash Bros. Ultimate as soon as it comes out.

Here is a preview of all the things that still need to be done before launch:

  • Implement the welcome page
  • Add mechanics for contacting admins
  • Several UI tweaks
  • Proper Matchmaking
  • Player profiles
  • More stuff for Future updates

Thanks for being part of this ♥️


Also be aware that this is in an alpha state and there could be data wipes if something goes wrong on our end, even though it's not expected to happen at this point.