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[Megathread] Trade/Battle Hub
General reminder to join our discord server! which has areas for trading/battles/raids/breeding advice/all questions about the game.
Max Raid Battle Support: Vol. 3
People who found an authentic Sinistea, how long did it take?
Flareon is really excited
After 1657 encounters I FINALLY caught one! 🤩 woohoo!
They caught egg!! Brand new pokemon confirmed!!

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[Megathread] Trade/Battle Hub
Team Eevee Rocket hunting for Shiny Magmar! With Arbok and Weezing xD
I wish they make a let's go sequel despite what they said
I was in Viridian Forest looking for a Bulbasaur and this boi showed up! My first shiny in Let's Go Pikachu, happy to share with you guys! Stay safe everyone!
20 minutes after completing his Pokedex (which I was originally going to post about), my 5 year old son caught this absolute beauty! What an amazing morning it's been!
Best place to shiny hunt ditto?

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Daily Discussion Thread 04/01/20
New Smash Pic-of-the-Day! (04/01/2020) from @Sora_Sakurai
New Smash Pic-of-the-Day! (04/01/2020) from @Sora_Sakurai (2 images!)
It's 2020 and Oliver still isn't playable. This is proof that Sakurai thinks his fans are hideous and does not appreciate beauty.
Playing Edelgard’s Route: what happened to my Flayn?
Why are there so many non-FE characters in this game