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Trade/Battle Hub [Megathread]
This iceberg refuse to pop out :( :( :(
which pokemon most adorable to you?
Disappearing Pokémon after sending them for jobs?
Transferring back to um/us
Dens don't want to reset

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Collection of clips from my shiny hunts! Enjoy!
my first shiny with a shiny charm
hmmmm - Has anyone can else noticed this?
After catching 423 lickitungs I finally got the yellow boi! Also caught 3 shiny snorlax, shiny golbat and found 2 masterballs during the hunt!
Question regarding transfers

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How to go to an offline smash tournament
Daily Discussion Thread 06/16/21
DLC Fighter Number #81 Revealed
Well a reveal is happening pretty soon. So I decided to remake a fan trailer of mine. Fixing typos and adding some things. Hope you enjoy
Master Chief deconfirmed by Halo's community director
Command inputs in Smash Bros aren't difficult and you are missing out on some of the most fun characters if you flat out refuse to make the attempt. You can do them, trust me. I believe.
Kazuya is not a shoto