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[Megathread] Trade/Battle Hub – #PokemonSwordShield New Information Edition!
[Megathread] Shiny week theme!
Wasn’t expecting twins
Happy Shiny Week! I’ve been trying to shiny hunt this little guy for the last 5 days, when I happened to find a full-odds one
You don’t know how happy I am rn
Finally got my Shiny Gastly after 5 days of hunting and being tortured by shiny Chanseys! Now just OPing it.
Yeeees, after just 4 hours he popped up :D (Used my Masterball)

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Defend The North 2019|New York's Largest Ever Smash Bros. Tournament|Featuring 2Saint, Rishi, HugS, Marss, Dabuz, Samsora, Light, Wishes, Mr E, Sinji, LeoN, ANTi, ADHD, and many more!!
Daily Discussion Thread 07/19/19
Big blue bugged out
Two types of smash players...
How Zero Suit Samus welcomed Ridley to smash!
Prince gets signed by Panda Global
Leffen on Inkling