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Trade/Battle Hub [Megathread]
Shiny Absol after 7 years
The vgc season just ended and i cant get my battle stadium rewards.. i need to wait ?
Me after seeing Oshawott again
I just caught my first shiny!!! I'm so pumped right now!
Shiny Deino after 900 eggs with shiny charm. It was a real pain, but it was worth it in the end

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Money-making guide (postgame)
Made some needle felted pokemon :)
Let’s Go Shiny Char Family
The graphics are so realistic (he's also called Eevee)
Shiny growlithe with no chain
after 4 days of grinding!! Finally!!

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Daily Discussion Thread 02/28/21
Archaeologists Uncover First Recorded Tier List in Ancient Rome [Satire]
Someone is modding goku into smash ultimate
Do you feel that Echo Fighters were underutilized?
Hey, everyone! It's me (Smash Piano Guy) with a new "Keyboard Orchestra" version of Pokemon Stadium from Melee. Anyone here remember three years ago when I mistakenly referred to it as "Pokemon Station"? (It still says that on the old piano video)