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Trading and exchange Pokemon Sword <--> Shield versions
The nights of Galar. I don't know why but in the three days I've been playing, I've never seen them until now.
Here’s a low effort meme
I made a new friend!
My 5yo is playing Sword and we just saw that he’s been naming every Pokémon he gets jace, which, is his own name
trying to study at 12 am like
This is the correct way to join Max Raid lobbies LET'S BATTLE :'3 !!!!

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[Megathread] Trade/Battle Hub – #PokemonSwordShield New Information Edition!
Second shiny zubat. Love this watermelon boy
Transferring Pokémon
Who wants to have a battle, I have some prizes if you defeat my strategy called spamming hydro blast
Should I buy this game?
Best Buy Mewtwo Code?

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Official /r/smashbros Inktober 2019 Art Gallery!
Daily Discussion Thread 11/19/19
i’m so sorry to whoever this lucas was
Falcon finishes like no other
Hbox goes through the five stages of grief
Armada gets nearly two zero-to-death stocks off of a poor Lucina to end the game
[IzawSmash] Art of Toon Link (Ultimate)