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[Megathread - June 2020] Trade/Battle Hub
/r/PokemonSwordShield feedback thread - what do you enjoy about this sub and other questions
Does Pokemon Home contribute to Pokemon Lotto ID?
Shiny Marked Galarian Slowking ( Slowking the Beaming) after 1114 wild encounter.
When google fails me I turn to you reddit!!! Does the speed of my espeon effect whether yawn moves first in a fight?
What's the value of event pokemon when trading?
Thought I’d share my artwork, just started doing glass painting and I’m honestly obsessed 🤩

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Extremely lucky shiny Charmander! (story in comments)
This has taken way longer than I care to admit, but I have finally done it! I feel a sense of accomplishment today.
Got pretty lucky during my quest for a female shiny Growlithe
Question about max IVs

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Daily Discussion Thread 01/15/21
New Smash Pic-of-the-Day! (01/15/2021) from @Sora_Sakurai
I had a perfect game! At ~8.9 million GSP
[PPMD] EG and I are parting ways. Thanks for everything! =)
PPMD dropped from EG?
Can you tell which match is between top players?