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Trade/Battle Hub [Megathread]
Today I learnt this!
Shiny Nidoking on WILD
Nobody Threatens my Baby ASF
Breeding Shiny Salandit for Shiny Salazzle
Breaking through Great Ball Tier/countering Metagross & Regigigas

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Money-making guide (postgame)
Had just finished chaining Pidgey, was wondering what I should Shiny hunt for but quickly got interrupted 😅
Was hunting for a shiny ponyta, coming across this instead..
Love this shiny✨ ✨✨✨
I just had my second shiny fail and I’m very annoyed
Saving a catch combo

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Official /r/smashbros Smash Ultimate Tier List: March-April 2021
[Tournament Thread] Poilon Colosseum - 16 of Europe's best duke it out.
Apparently, Min Min is immune to Byleth's side smash.
[Golden Guardians] Announcement
SWT: NA Northwest Ultimate Online Qualifier Top 32 players
First time posting, here are some Villager clips :)
I happened to make a new K. Rool Combo Video. Dude's nasty.