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[Megathread - June 2020] Trade/Battle Hub
/r/PokemonSwordShield feedback thread - what do you enjoy about this sub and other questions
Drift the Drifloon. After 1003 wild encounter.
I Finally Got One!!! 32/873!
Anyone need a Masuda Larvitar?
Anyone wants these Masuda Magikarps?
A redraw of my favorite edgelord Pokémon gym leader, plus the original image [OC]

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Its not uncommon to catch a few shinnies on community day, but this one really took the cake.
I got really lucky with this guy!
Well then... that was unexpected...
How do I dismount fast like in the video? (0:17 for instance)
My shiny caterpie. Found it recently

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Official /r/smashbros Ultimate Tier List: WiFi Edition!(JULY/AUG) RESULTS!
Daily Discussion Thread 09/23/20
Let’s wrap this up. I have many other losing matchups that I need to see today.
Zain takes out Fiction like it's nothing
It's really lame how most forms of incapacitation are only escapable through mashing.
New Smash Pic-of-the-Day! (09/23/2020) from @Sora_Sakurai
Calculated Backslashes