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[Megathread - June 2020] Trade/Battle Hub
/r/PokemonSwordShield feedback thread - what do you enjoy about this sub and other questions
Anyone know what time the crown tundra is dropping?
VG247 Got A Preview of Crown Tundra
i can't stop thinking about Cosmog
Is there any way to get the rusted shield
Serious question: Why are people saying that a simultaneous release has to happen?

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Today is my birthday and the Pokémon gods smiled upon me...
Super proud of this find a few days ago! How BEAUTIFUL is this guy? 😍
please stop making pokemon go posts
I bought the game two days ago and I found a randomized shiny nidorino
19 Hour Grind finally pays off! After dodging Zubats, Onix, and Gravelers for almost 20 hours, this little fella popped up and I made a new friend 😌

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Daily Discussion Thread 10/21/20
9.0.1 removes the beef in Steves victory animation
Teching my own block.
9.0.1 English patch notes
Hungrybox is sitting out final 2 weeks of Slippi Champions League (taking a vacation). Winner of this Saturday's Rollback Rumble qualifies directly to Division 2.
9.0.1 Patch Notes (Japanese)