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[Megathread - June 2020] Trade/Battle Hub
I defeated a few so I deserve this.
Looking for Appletun, Oranguru, Shrelp & Heracross
Anybody want to trade with me?
Pokeball plus mew natures
XP farming with Blissey in foggy Pot Bottom Desert

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Trading/Battling Megathread
Restarted my game just to hunt the birds. 36 RESETS LATER!! I was so hyped!! on to the next two.
Are candies worth messing with for Pokemon you plan on transferring to Home?
Finally decided to hunt the fried chicken and got it at 104 SRs, which is my longest LG legendary hunt yet. Hopefully my luck holds out for Zapdos. (I know the nature is bad. Kinda forgot to reset it lol.)
[Analysis] Fastest Cash @ E4 - Solo OHKO vs Co-op Pay Day
FT: I’ll hunt for a shiny Pokemon of your choice(as long as it’s not one of the legendaries or too hard to do) LF: offers

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Allegation Megathread (hopefully) temporarily taken down due to an automated response by the Reddit admins. Trying to get this resolved with the admins asap.
Daily Discussion Thread 07/09/20
Sky Williams allegedly lied about father's cancer & owes $350K
GRsmash: "Don't let a few scumbags ruin some of the greatest moments in our history." (Twitlonger)
New Smash Pic-of-the-Day! (07/09/2020) from @Sora_Sakurai
Anti addressing his allegations
Marss response to Anti being on Twitch and the comparing of their relationship