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[Megathread] Trade/Battle Hub – #PokemonSwordShield New Information Edition!
First shiny in lets go!!
After seeing well over 500 I finally got my purp
Found this weird albino Eevee in my Let’s Go Eevee game... Reddit, meet Charles (first shiny find other than a shiny Mudkip in Go)
Okay...this one took it out of me I LOVE GREEN AND SHREW 😍✨✨✨✨✨😍
First shiny got the game yesterday

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Waluigi Wednesday (Memes, Rage, Silliness!) 08/21/19
Daily Discussion Thread 08/21/19
Using an unexpected interaction in a combo.
Dude had 10 million years to react and still got hit
You can tech Magic Burst to avoid taking lots of damage and a K.O.
Leffen chooses to drop out of Melee singles at Shine for Ultimate Singles due to bad scheduling
Using K-means Clustering to Build a Statistically-based Tier List (OrionStats)