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[Megathread - June 2020] Trade/Battle Hub
/r/PokemonSwordShield feedback thread - what do you enjoy about this sub and other questions
Don't do it eevee....
my under odds shiny Mudkip (70 eggs)
Evidence unlike any you found before (what is this?) and it’s not for Keldeo
Can some one help me. Egg?
Pls help i cant play max lairs with friends

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Trading/Battling Megathread
I'm late to this game but I already love my Pikachu!
I Have A Stupid Question
Wow! Just Wow Pokemon
Shiny Fire Horse hunt from the past 2 days. 2 Rapidash in the same chain. Got up to 6 Rapidash and 9 Ponyta on the same screen
Got a shiny Koffing with just a lure and shiny charm but no combo.

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Free for All Friday REBOOT
Daily Discussion Thread 12/05/20
New Smash Pic-of-the-Day! (12/05/2020) from @Sora_Sakurai
Benson Obama, a top Indiana smash player, has passed away from suicide last night. His loss is heavy upon the entire Indiana community, and anything can help to support his family during this difficult time.
Leffen Top 5 Career Moments In His Eyes | TSM Super Smash Bros
Ranting about every single SSBU character - Day 64 : Incineroar